At the heart of every great business is the content that defines it, which is where AccelSocial comes in. Content directly impacts a company’s brand identity and lead generation quality. It has all but replaced the entry level sales force and garnered such prominent value that new career paths have been created.

There is no arbitrary content in business because everything about it sends a message. Even the way content is presented is significant. Eminent content creation influences high-value leads with a finesse that most entry level sales people have not yet mastered.

Inform and educate

An informed buyer is a happy one. Early in the sales journey, buyers gather information and get to know a company. They often prefer to do this without the proverbial high-pressure sales pitch, instead gathering information from available content.

This type of nurtured information gathering is a vital part of the buying process. Your company’s content should serve to educate potential buyers and clients while sending a consistent message across all mediums.

The highly skilled team at AccelSocial can help you do that. We work with our clients to develop content that engages and energizes their audience.

Qualify and gauge

You can use specific types of content to qualify potential buyers while separating fact finders from serious inquiries. Use downloadable forms and gated content to gauge a buyer’s interest level, budget and even their position of authority.

This type of strategy can save a company’s sales team valuable time and money by identifying a potential client’s position in the sales funnel. Each specific content type serves a fundamental purpose in the sales journey.

Utilizing them effectively is the key to generating the highest return on investment.

Acquisition and value

Every business must establish its community and audience presence. Only then can it harvest the wealth of intelligence within that community and apply it to future marketing decisions. This activity helps set up the acquisition cost associated with each new client.

Not only can eminent content creation lower acquisition costs, but it can also increase the value of each sale. By using highly informative content to educate clients about the products or services they are paying for, you are automatically increasing the likelihood they will be satisfied with their purchase.

Furthermore, there is a greater possibility that you will foster long-term relationships with them while encouraging repeat business.

Authority and credibility

Content creation is a great way to showcase your company’s expertise in a specific industry. Whether content is created and posted on your company’s website or on social media platforms, it can help establish authority and credibility with clients.

If used correctly, it will also impact lead generation quality by helping to weed out ill-suited prospects and build trust with potential clients. This sense of trust and transparency will help guide high-value leads through your sales funnel.

At AccelSocial, we help create and promote compelling content that allows your business to harvest qualified, high-value leads. Our performance-based advertising and social solutions foster trust and growth because your success is our success.