Most business can’t run effectively without a proper sales lead generation strategy. It’s not just a matter of getting sales leads but getting ones that eventually convert. A good lead strategy is designed to bring in customers that need your business and have the intent to eventually use those services. It’s the beginning of your sales funnel, but without it, there’s nothing further down.

Stop losing leads to your competitors and develop a lead generation strategy for your business. Your content is what brings them in, so develop your website into a converting machine.

Lead capture hooks the prospect

Your content is what brings people to your website either through PPC advertising, social media or Google search results. When they click on the call to action (CTA) or the ad, they’re brought to the lead capture page.

These are one-page sites or landing pages designed to get people’s contact information. The lead capture page is dynamic and great-looking. The capture page uses high-quality content and free deliverables to entice people to provide their email address for your email marketing list.

There are many design and user-experience elements on the page, so it’s usually best to hire a company that has experience with good lead capture pages.

Design your landing page for conversion

We mentioned earlier about how important the look of the lead capture landing page is for your efforts. The page should be streamlined and minimalistic in nature. Customers don’t want to scroll down to reach your CTA. You’re driving people to one place, so make sure they know where it’s at.

It should have one CTA button and as few input fields as possible. People don’t want to give out too much information. Take some time picking out the colors and fonts for the page. It needs to fit your brand and elicit a response to click on the CTA.

The imagery should be eye-catching, and the layout of the content should have the most important information first. Don’t overdo it on the words; customers could detract from the CTA.

Attract customers with lead magnets

Your lead capture or landing page is the canvas for your lead, but the lead magnet is what they really want. Lead magnets are assets and deliverables that people visiting the site download. The information is so good that they’re willing to give you their email information to get it.

Lead magnets help usher your potential customer further into the sales funnel. They can be e-books, white papers, guides, case studies, bonus content and other long-form assets. The information is detailed and worth the time and effort to read. It gives them something they don’t already have.

Make a touchdown with lead scoring

Leads come in all shapes and sizes. Some leads are ready to buy the second they hit your site, but others haven’t started researching their needs and happened to find themselves reading your website. It’s important to know which leads deserve immediate action, which ones require careful handling and which ones are the least priority.

Lead scoring is a method of rating leads based on their importance using company size, website interactions, asset downloads and other factors. High-importance leads are moved to the front of the pack for follow up and potentially direct content.

This lets you get to leads ready for sales fast. The lead score tells you what is low-hanging fruit and which ones require more nurturing.

If you’re interested in learning more about lead scoring or nurturing through social media and digital advertising, then explore our website.