Strategies for Lead Generation

If you’re looking to grow, then you need a lead strategy that brings in prospects from all areas of the sales funnel and nurtures them until they convert.

If you want leads that click that buy button, then you need to understand lead basics and how different marketing strategies bring in different kinds of leads. We’ll help you through the process so you can maximize your B2B lead generation.

Organic lead generation basics

Lead generation is anything you do to generate interest in your business and earn customers. Your business-to-business leads could be far along the sales funnel and on the verge of buying or could have just started looking.

The first step to lead generation is creating good content on your site and optimizing pages for search engines. Organic lead generation is awesome because you don’t have to pay for it. The content on your site is authoritative and includes good keywords, so Google ranks you well for those keywords.

Businesses simply “Google” it and your site pops up. Your blog posts and web content can lead them further down the funnel through the shopping cart, newsletter signups and others.

B2B lead generation with social media

There are numerous social media channels on Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn. Each one has their pros and cons for lead generation. If you want business-to-business leads, then LinkedIn is the social media leader.

It was created to link businesses and professionals together. You’ll likely not have your high school friends connected to your LinkedIn profile, but the speaker at the last conference you went to or the leader of the local Chamber of Commerce might be.

Facebook and Twitter have limited B2B connections, but when someone wants to find your business, they’ll look up your profile and send a message. Everything you do on social media connects you to clients and customers, so it’s very important for lead generation.

Email marketing is key to success

When a business or potential client gives you their email for the newsletter, they’re far along the sales funnel. They’ve visited your site, like what they’ve seen and want to keep hearing from you. When you send them newsletters or sales emails, you’re courting them for more sales.

This is the cornerstone of email marketing. Drafting emails with great subject lines and good content keeps you front of mind. Examine statistics such as open rates, deletions and unsubscribes to understand better your audience and how you can improve your emails.

Capture leads and hold on

When you get a lead that is early in the sales funnel, salespeople will let them drop because they want a commission. If you can catch them early, then you can use your marketing to keep them interested and pull them further along the funnel.

If you use these methods for your  B2B lead generation plan, then you’ll maximize the leads that come in. Treat them with respect and help them understand that your product or service is what’s right for them.

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